About Women Growing Bolder

Empowering women is my signature work. I believe that women’s genius is the impetus for change. We contain enormous untapped power in our potential. I believe each of us can create a happy, fulfilled life no matter how old we are. There is no time like the present to be happy.

I guide women to discover what they most want, reclaim their full aliveness, and live their unique genius. I see to the heart of the matter catalyzing other’s potential to have the life they want. I inspire others empowerment choice by choice.

Co-creating the future, I play with women in their second or third acts of life. We illuminate what truly makes us happy. We learn to make choices that inspire us and others. We experience and expand our full aliveness as we leave our legacy.

I invite you to discover your happiest life!

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Women Growing Bolder – Choice, Voice, Legacy

Women Growing Bolder – Choice, Voice, Legacy

Join me to discover a happier life!

I'm ready to create my happiest life!

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